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What do the different DocuSign banners in Procore mean? (Beta)

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Below is a brief explanation of all the banners you may see in Procore regarding DocuSign.

Package Pending Banner:

  • This banner appears if a DocuSign envelope was started, but invites were not yet sent to recipients.
  • Clicking the Finish button will redirect you to DocuSign to finish creating the contract.
  • Clicking the Void button will delete the package so you must return to the Create page and click the Complete with Docusign button again.

Signature Pending:

  • This banner appears to Admin users who are waiting for other recipients to sign the contract.
  • Clicking the View button will take you to view the PDF that is pending signature.
  • Clicking the Void button will delete the package.

Signature Required:

  • This banner appears if the user needs to sign the document.
  • Clicking Sign Contract will redirect you to the contract in DocuSign.



  • This banner appears once all signatures have been entered.
  • Clicking View button allows you to view the signed PDF with all signatures.
  • Clicking the Withdrawal button delete the package which voids it on DocuSign. 


  • This banner appears when the synced DocuSign account is no longer valid (DocuSign resets their tokens every month or so). The user listed under the ? tooltip in the banner will need to re-login to DocuSign.
  • Clicking the Re-Authenticate button will take the user to DocuSign to log in. 



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