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To whom can I assign an RFI?

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'Standard' level users can only be added to an RFI by an 'Admin' level users, and 'Standard' level users can only assign an RFI to 'Admin' level users. To assign a RFI to a user in your project, make sure the user has the proper permission settings for the RFI tab.

To update a user's RFI permission, you can do either of the options below:

  1. Navigate to the RFIs tab. Click the Configure RFI settings... link below the 'Filter RFI's by:' section and update the user's permissions by clicking on the 'Permission Table' option on the right-hand side. See Configure Advanced Settings: RFIs to learn more about this.
  2. Navigate to the Project Directory. Click Edit next to the user you would like to assign a RFI to. Once in 'Edit' mode, scroll down to the 'Project Permissions' section, and update the RFI permissions to either 'Standard' or 'Admin' depending on your preferences by selecting the proper radial button. Once selected, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

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