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How do I log in to Procore's Support site?


Procore has set up a Single Sign-on integration between our web application ( and our Support site (, which means you can automatically log in to the Support site using your existing Procore login credentials for authentication purposes. (i.e. You do not have to set up a separate set of login credentials to access the Support site.) 

By logging in to the Support site, you will be allowed to perform the following tasks.

  • Access a Training Center
    If a company has set up a custom Training Center, you will need to log in to the Support site in order to view its private content. See How do I access a custom Training Center?
  • Create a Support Ticket
    If you are a logged in user, you will not be required to provide your name or email address in the ticket submission form because it will automatically be included with your ticket on the backend. See Contact Support.
  • Leave Comments/Feedback
    If you find content on a support article to be confusing, misleading, or incorrect, please send us feedback by including a brief description in the designated "Comments" field at the bottom of the page. 


  1. Log into the Procore Web application. See Log in to Procore Web
  2. In the top right corner, click the Question Mark (?) icon. 
  3. Click Support Center

    The system redirects you to the Procore Support Center website at You will be automatically logged into the Support Center using SSO.
    • If this is the first time you've accessed the Procore Support Site, the SSO technology will automatically create you a new user account (i.e., using the email and password that you use to log into Procore).
    • To gain access to the site, choose one of these methods:
      • (Recommended) Click the 'Support & Feedback' icon in the top-right corner and choose Support Center (pictured above). 
      • Click the 'Login' link directly on the Procore Support Site. 
    • If you are trying to access a private Training Center, see How do I request access to a custom Training Center?