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How can I improve the accuracy of OCR on my drawings?


After download a drawing as a PDF and opening it, the quality appears much lower than it does in Procore.


This occurs when the downloaded PDF is opened in the browser's PDF viewer as opposed to a full-fledged PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most browsers will not fully render the PDF to try and keep things running quickly, as opposed to accurately.


Option 1

Opening the PDF with a full PDF viewer outside of the browser will result in the document being rendered fully.

Option 2

For a more permanent solution, change the browser's settings to open PDFs with the System's Viewer and not the Browser's.

In Chrome, this is done in two spots.

  1. Change the setting to always download PDFs. See 
  2. Change the setting on how to open downloaded PDFs.
    • This can be set when you download a file. Click to expand the arrow menu, and select "Always open with system viewer."

      always open with system viewer.png