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Company Rollout



Define a Procore Rollout Strategy

Your Implementation Manager will help you decide which rollout strategy works best for your company. We recommend that Procore be implemented using a “phased” approach as opposed to an “instant-on” approach.



Document Best Practices 

We realize that Procore is an equally powerful and flexible platform. To ensure a successful rollout of Procore across your company, it's strongly recommended that you spend time documenting your company-specific best practices and procedures. For example, how should architects and engineers respond to RFIs? Usually, you'll have a specific way that you want users to perform certain tasks. It's in your best interest to document these processes to prevent users from making the wrong assumptions about how they're supposed to fill out a form or submit data in a project managed in Procore.


Rollout New Projects

Your organization is now ready to start launching new projects in Procore! As a best practice, it's strongly recommended that you use project templates for creating new projects in a consistent manner. Project templates help ensure that any new projects are created in a consistent manner. See Configure a Project Template.

Additional Client Resources



Recommended Terms & Conditions for Procore

Under the Terms & Conditions section of your Company Level Admin tool, you can add company-specific, legal language to specify the usage agreement for your company's implementation of the Procore system.

When enabled, users will be prompted and required to accept your specified "Terms and Conditions" when they log in to Procore to access your company's account for the first time. If users choose to not accept your terms and conditions, they will not be allowed to access your Procore account.



Recommended Project Manual Language for Procore

If you want to include the use of Procore into your project's specifications, you can use the following template as a guide for including Procore as an "Administrative Requirement" (01 30 00) specification within the project manual. It provides technical requirements around workflows, business processes, etc. 

For Owner and Architect clients:
Procore Specifications and Contract Language 

For General Contractor clients:
Procore Contract Language


Welcome to Procore Email Templates

When rolling out Procore across your company or launching new projects, you may want to send a welcome email, informing them that Procore will be the used for managing projects. The contents of the email should include basic information about how to log in to Procore, access projects, and leverage documentation and support resources. 


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